About us

We are a creative reality which was born to a couple of young guys with the aim of gather and propose in a single concentrate all the sectors of communication and exalting all our work skills.


I began to approach to photography and graphics during high school, by getting a diploma in visual graphics, After high school, full of curiosity for the world of photography and with the desire to discover new realities, I decided to continue my studies at IED where where I can explore various photographic topics and I can collaborate to several collective projects. My research in photography let find the photographic sector that suits me, where I can express myself best: portrait photography and stage photography. After being graduate in photography, I started working for various companies and clients who allowed me to deepen my experience.


Since when I was little, intrigued and stimulated by the world surrounding us, I approached photography and at the age of 16 I bought my first camera. After high school I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where I graduated in Multimedia and Technological Arts. During my studies, I cooperated and worked with several clients and institutions; among them the National Academy of Dance. In my university years I approached to videos by creating and producing various documentaries, either for the Academy and for various occasions.


You can find us in via Gaspare Gozzi, in front of the metro, in our studio of 150 square meters with a large hall composed of two shooting areas with flashes, backdrops, green screens, speakers and various accessories for studio photography. Our studio is also articulated with a professional dressing room, assembly and post-production stations, a bathroom, wifi and every comforts.

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