Creative reality which was born to a couple of young guys
with the aim of gather and propose in a single concentrate
all the sectors of communication and exalting all our work skills.


Federico Loreti

Videomaker & photographer

I'm a videomaker and I was born in Rome in 1990; with a premature passion for photography, I started working in this sector, acquiring many experiences and attending a photojournalism and reportage course at the Roman School of Photography. In 2015 I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Multimedia and Technological Arts and from here I started to get myself in the audiovisual world, developing several documentaries and doing different collaborations.

Photo Brain | Studio creativo, Servizi fotografici e Video

Martina Di Tosto


I'm a photographer and I was born in Rome in 1991; I have a degree in photography at IED | European Institute of Design in Rome and one in Visual Graphics. After completing my studying, I decided to strengthen my skills through a specialization in post-photographic production, which let me get the A.C.A certificate (Adobe Certified Associate). In the years following the studies, I began to collaborate with many agencies and theaters, and with companies for the creation of logos.


Our photo and video blog was born as a plan centered on videos and travel, interiors and exteriors photography, with a small spot dedicated to local gastronomy, lifestyle and culture.

Our Collaborations
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